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Ecuador Activities

Bike down Cotapaxi Volcano, climb up a waterfall in Ecuador and soak in cloud forest hot springs

Ecuador still has the envious position as an adventure destination that many people just don't know about. For a relatively small country it packs a punch, complete with amazing surf beaches, rolling green hills, sub-alpine barren high lands, huge snow-capped volcanoes and of course, steamy jungle. We've taken advantage of this condensed geography to create a 7-day action-packed trip

Ecuador Horse Riding

On day one we'll whisk you away to the Valley of the Volcanoes, to the Hacienda La Alegria, an Ecuadorian style ranch where you'll have the opportunity to go for a horse ride (or you can try your hand at milking cows, or simply relax and take in the views from this beautiful home). This is a great way to find your bearings and see Cotapaxi Volcano, where you'll be riding the very next day!nbsp;

After riding down one of the world's highest active volcanoes our next stop is Banos, a town renowned for adventure activities like rafting, canyoning, ziplining and biking. Here, it's all up to you - catch your breath, relax and get a massage, or maintain your momentum and we'll help you to arrange an adventure for your free day.

Ecuador Jungle boat transport

Recharged, it's time to head down the Rio Pastaza Valley into the Amazon Jungle! We'll journey by canoe to an animal rescue centre and afterwards to an indigenous community to learn about a traditional way of life in the rainforest.

One of the favourite activities on this trip is our waterfalls hike, or sometimes referred to as 'reverse canyoning'! A new experience for most people, this is a wonderful way to cool off and have a great laugh, as you safely navigate your way up through the refreshing waterfalls.

On day six we'll find ourselves back in the Andean highlands - you'll be pinching yourself when you wake up at Termas Papallacta wondering 'was I really down in the jungle yesterday?'. There are plenty of hikes around here to choose from, depending on the weather and there's always the option of a rejuvenating soak in the hot springs back at the lodge.

That afternoon we'll journey back to Quito to explore the colonial city and enjoy a final celebratory dinner together. Who would have thought you could experience so much in one week!

Into the Valley of the Volcanoes

“It was a fascinating trip through the valley of the volcanoes and across the countryside. Thanks to our guide Jhayro who was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would also like to mention our driver Eduardo who was skillful, patient and helpful. He navigated through traffic in crowded towns and through steep mountain roads expertly and never made us feel unsafe.

The main highlight of this trip was the biking down the volcano Cotopaxi. We drove through rough terrain up the volcano Cotopaxi until we could feel the freezing wind coming down from the glaciers on top of the volcano. This volcano was as imposing as it was stunning. The glaciers looked magnificent and we were all tremendously excited about our ride. We started riding down on rough terrain and it was exhilarating. The sights were astonishing and frequently we would stop and admire the volcano and the stark surroundings. This was the highlight of our trip.

Our time in Banos was very pleasant. The volcano Tungurahua overlooked this picturesque little mountain town. We enjoyed hiking and rafting. We loved wandering the streets of this little town and experiencing a slice of Ecuadorian life. There was a lot of street art that was intriguing. The waterfalls and public baths were fascinating. We stayed in Hotel Samari which was excellent. There was a resident peacock and there was even a piano in a gazebo in the middle of the expansive grounds! We also enjoyed the spa and the hot tub at the hotel.

Another highlight was the boat ride on the Napo River. It was wonderful to experience the river and its surrounding rainforests which were vibrant, full of life and seemed impenetrable.

We also enjoyed the hot spring resort Termas Papallacta. While soaking in the hot springs which were right in front of our hotel rooms we were suddenly visited by a Sword-billed Hummingbird. It fed on the nectar of the Angel’s Trumpet flower that bloomed right next to the hot spring. We were shocked at seeing this amazing bird. Its bill was longer than its entire body! This was another highlight of our trip. We soaked in the hot waters until the sun set over the impressive Andes mountains.

Overall it was a fascinating and wonderful trip across mountains, rivers and rainforests. The Ecuadorian landscape will forever remain in my fondest memory. ”
Idaho, United States
Tapir, January 2015
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