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Hollyford Track Guided Walk

Due to the nature of this track being privately run, we don't currently offer the hike as part our adventures. Don't sweat it though, there are over 500 incredible hiking trails down here in New Zealand, so you're spoilt for choice. If you're set on the Hollyford Track and you only have 3 days down here, have a read below. We're all locals and we know the place like the back of our hand, so if you're still considering your options and you want to maximise your time in the South Island, we'd love to chat to you about your plans and how we may help you discover more of our backyard. Often it's the lesser known gems that really exceed expectations! 

Hollyford Track Map


Hollyford Track Guided Walk Itinerary

Pre Departure Briefing

Your pre departure briefing begins at 6pm. Your guide will explain the details of the Track; arrange storage for your surplus luggage and hand out rain jackets and backpacks to those requiring them.

Day 1: Waterfalls, Pyke River Lodge, Glow Worms

Depart for the Hollyford Valley and travel through the majestic Eglington Valley to the start of the Track in the Hollyford Valley visiting Gunn's Camp museum on the way. Then re-trace the footsteps of early explorers along the Hollyford River to Pyke River Lodge. As the Track undulates gently through native beech forest and beside tumbling waterfalls enjoy interesting historical tales and interpretation of the forest and bird life. In the evening you can visit our nearby glow-worm colony.
Walking Distance: Approx 17kms (12miles).

Day 2: Lakes, Jet Boating and 1000 year old trees

Begin your day with a short walk to Lake Alabaster and learn of the history and geology of the area whilst in the midst of stunning surroundings. Cross Fiordland's longest swing bridge and then enjoy a captivating jet boat journey down the Hollyford River and across Lake McKerrow to the historic site of Jamestown that was intended to be the capital of the South Island in the late 1900's. Walk through the ancient Podocarp forest (New Zealand native pines) with huge Rimu, Totara and Kahikatea trees wrapped in massive Rata vines. Arrive at Martin's Bay Lodge by 5pm.
Walking Distance: Approx 12kms (7miles).

Day 3: Wildlife Experience, Martins Bay Beach and Coastline /Scenic Flight to Milford Sound

Walk through the young rejuvenating forest of Jerusalem Creek and visit the fur seal colony at Long Reef on the wild West Coast. You may see the rare Fiordland Crested Penguin. Travel by jet boat to the beach and explore the seven kilometre Martins Bay Beach sand-dunes and lagoon. Learn about its history and its plant, sea and bird life. Return to Martins Bay Lodge and then enjoy a scenic flight to Milford Sound, with views of the Track route, Hollyford Valley and Mt Tutoko, Fiordland's highest peak.
Walking Distance: Approx 8kms (5miles).

The Hollyford Track Guided Walk History

Hollyford Track Guided Walks started life back in the 1940's when Davey Gunn opened up the track for guided walks. The walk was further developed by one of Davey Gunn's assistants, Ed Cotter.

In 1959 the Hollyford Valley was incorporated into the Fiordland National Park and in the mid sixties, jet-boating was added to the walk itinerary with the launch of the "the Davey Gunn" on Lake McKerrow.

In the early nineties, extensive improvements were made, including refurbishment and extension to Martins Bay Lodge Accommodation block and the bathroom unit, the building of a new Pyke River Lodge and the purchase of a new twin engine jetboat, and 20-seater coach. A strong customer focus was also introduced with time and effort being placed on getting the product right for the customer. The result has been a 100% recommend rate of the Hollyford Track to friends and family from 1500 of the past customers that have been surveyed.

Today the Hollyford Track Guided Walk is renowned as one of New Zealand's greatest walks with a diverse range of scenery, plant and wildlife and distinctly different experiences that are unequalled by any other walk in the country.

Your Fitness. Are You Up To The Challenge?

Following the course of the Hollyford River, the Hollyford Track is a low-altitude walk for anyone of reasonable fitness and of any age although we prefer guests to be over 10 years old. As all linen, duvets, towels and food are provided, you need only bring your personal gear keeping your packs light for a more enjoyable adventure.

An Amazing Variety of Wildlife

The huge variety of trees, vines, flowers and ferns, are home to an amazing range of bird life including wood pigeons, Kea, Kaka and owls, bellbirds, warblers, robins, chaffinches, cuckoo, tui and white heron as well as many species of sea birds. You may also see the huge bottlenose dolphins in the lower Hollyford River or Lake McKerrow, one of the two places in the world where they are found in fresh water. A feature of your itinerary is a visit to a colony of seals and, during certain months, the rare Fiordland Crested Penguin.

Unique New Zealand Adventure Activities

Unique New Zealand Adventure Activities The Hollyford Track is the only guided walk that includes walking, boating and flying; a scenic jet boat journey on the Hollyford River, a scenic flight into Milford Sound and an awe inspiring drive out from Milford Sound when returning to Te Anau. Experience the best of New Zealand adventure activities.

Warm, Welcoming Lodges

At the end of an invigorating day of exploration, you'll arrive at a warm and dry lodge, a hearty welcome and fine cuisine. The evening of Day One is spent at Pyke River Lodge, at the confluence of Hollyford and Pyke Rivers. Night two is spent at Martins Bay Lodge, close to mouth of the Hollyford River.

Fine Cuisine

The Lodge meals are a real treat of the Hollyford experience. Breakfasts are tasty, hearty and well balanced to give you just the right fuel for the day ahead.

Then for lunch you'll receive a delicious picnic lunch.

Dinner is a gourmet delight, the lodge chefs take great delight in preparing superb evening dining. The menu includes delicious cuisine, such as antipasto misto, seared whole roasted sirloin, Hollyford Valley styled roast vegetables and lemon tart.

Informed Guides and Small Group Sizes

Friendly guides educate and enlighten you with historical tales and interpretation of the environment around you.

To ensure you have a very "personal" Hollyford Track experience, group sizes are kept to a maximum of 16. This ensures the guides have the time to spend with you, answering questions and explaining the fascinating history of the Hollyford Valley from its creation. Because there is so much to share, only in small, intimate group sizes does this work.

What You Need to Bring for the Hollyford Track Guided Walk

"There is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing"

The walk is pleasantly challenging and highly rewarding, without being out of the reach of people with an average fitness level.

We suggest you bring the following items:

  • Sturdy footwear - tramping boots (worn in)
  • Two or more pairs woollen socks
  • Highly protective rain wear (hooded anorak)
  • Polar fleece - jersey
  • Spare jersey
  • Polypropylene long johns (1 or 2 pairs)
  • Polypropylene long sleeved tops (1 or 2)
  • Shorts (1 or 2 pairs)
  • Shirts
  • Peaked cap
  • Woollen hat or beanie - not a necessity
  • Nightwear
  • Light shoes for the evenings at the lodge
  • Trousers or track pants for the evenings at the lodge
  • Drinking water bottle

Should you get wet during the day, there are drying rooms at both the lodges so if you keep your gear lightweight and fast drying, it should dry overnight.

Equipment and Extras

You do not need any specialist equipment, however, you may like to include the following:

  • Insect repellent and sun block
  • Torch - not a necessity
  • Swiss Army Knife - for the boys in the group...
  • "Second skin" if you are prone to blisters
  • Your camera (extra film is a good idea)
  • The book you've been trying to read
  • Notepaper, pen, wallet, travel documents

Hollyford Track Guided Walk Supply

All meals, towels, linen, duvets, soap, shampoo, and hair-dryers.

Hollyford Track Guided Walk Can Supply if Required (at no extra cost)

Packs, hooded waterproof ponchos, rain jackets, gaiters.

Hollyford Track Guided Walk Accommodation

Sophisticated lodges with twin share rooms. The expert guides will ensure your group (maximum 16 people) experience New Zealand's wilderness at its best.

Trip Reviews

  •   4.53 out of 5 (from 4983 reviews)

    The Best Way to Spend my 30th Birthday!

    Going to New Zealand has been at the very top of my bucket list for quite a long time and I finally decided to scratch it off when I turned 30. Active Adventures was, from the beginning, the only tour group I would consider travelling with. They were the only group that not only had everything I wanted to do in New Zealand, but also had the highest level of professionalism and ratings that made me trust them.
    From the moment they picked us up at the airport I was certain I’d judged them correctly. Tess was simply an amazing tour guide (we called her mum because that’s exactly how we felt about her) not only was she fun, she took care of us, fed us, and kept us organized. Andy supplemented the tour with such interesting history and facts that I felt like I was on a school trip (in a good way!).
    All in all it was an amazing vacation, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it!
    Thank you Active Adventures for making my 30th the year to remember!
    Dani Felton Review Image
    – Florida, United States
    Rimu, November 2017
  •   4.44 out of 5 (from 908 reviews)

    South Island Sampling

    Despite starting the trip with a little rattle and shake (earthquake) the trip was a wonderful experience. We saw so much of the South Island and were able to enjoy the beauty of a sunny day as well as a cloudy one. Greg and Clara were amazing guides and took great care of us.
    Beth Wilson Review Image
    – Georgia, United States
    Manuka, December 2016
  •   4.70 out of 5 (from 266 reviews)


    We had a great time. New Zealand is beautiful and our tour guides, Koru and Jess, showed it to us to perfection. Great hikes, terrific food, wonderful companions and ideal locations.
    Ellen Dole Review Image
    – Colorado, United States
    Kiwi, March 2017
  •   4.60 out of 5 (from 1887 reviews)

    Amazing Trip

    This trip was amazing - the hikes took us to beautiful vistas, the guides were knowledgeable and fun, and the food was never in short supply ("Food is Fuel!" as one of our guides kept restating).

    Koru and Kim were great guides throughout and everyone had so much fun! I was traveling solo but 2 of the other 4 on my trip were as well, so nobody was ever left out! Having such a small group made the activities much easier to enjoy.

    The hikes, like I mentioned, were truly unbelievable, though somewhat more difficult than I expected. Everything was talked as 'full-on' or by time, but know that NZ hikes are up mountains then back down, so work on hills more than distance before you go! Even some of the small walks we did (Blue Pools, only 5 minutes from the road & the Chasm, 10 minutes from the road) were breathtaking. Kayaking the Milford Sound was another once in a lifetime experience we got to have on this trip.

    The only thing I would have liked (and got jokingly by the end of the trip) were straight communication prior to the hikes about how long they were updates mid-hike about how much longer/further. There was one day with miscommunications leading me to think the hike would be another 3+ hours uphill (nearly inducing panic) but was really only 30 more minutes.

    Overall, I really loved this trip!
    Taylor Ceithaml Review Image
    – California, United States
    Tui, November 2016
  •   4.38 out of 5 (from 1211 reviews)


    I combined the Kauri trip, last 5 days, with the Tui trip on the South Island. I did not have enough time to do the full 11-day trip. I am really happy with my decision to do the last 5 days. Crossing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing was an amazing experience! I loved everything about this trip... Andy and Jo were absolutely awesome!
    Andrea King Review Image
    – Connecticut, United States
    Kauri, March 2017



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